Good Morning, Sunshine.



The second step I’m taking for My Happiness Project is TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING. Oh brother, so it begins. I’m not particularly a “morning person”, in fact, I think I’m quite the opposite. I’d spend night after night fawning over cute animal videos, vlogs/blogs, hair tutorials and just anything, really. (Please don’t judge me) This bad habit of mine gets worse during vacations and long breaks. Okay, so why is it that my goal is to wake up in the morning? Why not sleep more or take naps? Well, getting more sleep isn’t always the answer.

As I recall one of our retreat counsellors saying: If you are busy and can only have a few hours of sleep, sleep from 8PM to 3AM. (I’m not a 100% sure this is correct, but you get my point) Her reasoning behind this is that according to science, these are the hours of the day in which our bodies can fully rest and rejuvenate in order to give us the best and most energizing sleep possible. Thinking about it now, I’m completely awake from 8PM to 3AM, past that even. And I believe that it has strongly affected the way I behave and function when I am awake. I’m easily cranky, I get constant headaches, and worst of all, my insomnia has pretty much sky-rocketed.

Below will be the steps that I’ll take in order to achieve this goal:

  1. Forcing myself to sleep earlier, no matter what. 
    No incredibly-interesting-TV-show-that-I-love, I cannot watch you until the wee hours of the morning, not anymore!
  2. Stop eating when it’s late.
     I have a really bad habit of eating small snacks at around 9 or 10 in the evening. If I stop myself from eating when it’s late, maybe my body will find it easier to get some rest.
  3. Setting myself a goal time to wake up.
    It would’ve been easier to just leave my goal as “Wake Up In The Morning”, but what use will it be if I didn’t challenge myself a little bit, am I right? My goal wake up time would be from 8AM to 9:30AM. 
  4. Making a morning routine.
    I’m quite excited about this one. There are things I actually love doing in the mornings. I love listening to The Morning RushIt’s hosted by 3 funny personas, 2 of which I’ve been listening to since I was a kid. You can tune in to their crazy antics over at RX93.1. Another would probably be eating breakfast. My oh my, how I love breakfast food! Maybe I can even cook my own breakfast for a change.
  5. Exercising more.
    Studies have shown that people who exercise more have a tendency to be more energetic. Energy is something I definitely lack in my life. This can be something that I can add to my morning routine as well.Hopefully, these 5 guidelines will help me achieve the almost impossible. Wish me luck! :)