Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None.

Oh boy.

I think a lot of people face this dilemma. You can do a little bit of everything, yet you can never be GREAT at anything. More often than not, we want to experience so much with so little time that we decide to be mediocre in order to gain more experience and knowledge. Someone once told me that this attribute could be great, especially when it comes to relating to people. You’ll have an easier time keeping a conversation going if that were the case. But I’ve always wondered, what if I were amazing at just one thing? Would that be completely terrible? I think not. :)

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve tried and failed to succeed very well in:

  1. Voice Lessons – I can’t believe I used to sing. It’s pretty laughable now, but looking back, it could’ve been something I would’ve enjoyed. I’m no fool though, I’m pretty sure I can never hone this skill (If it’s possible, it’d probably take money and time that I do not want to spend).
  2. Piano/Organ Lessons – Almost every person I’ve met has had this exact same regret, not continuing their piano lessons. I’m not sure if this is just a phenomenon in the Chinese community, but as kids, we were all forced into mandatory piano lessons. As a child though, I was quite lazy, and so the piano lessons I took rendered itself useless against my childhood pastimes. *sigh*
  3. Cooking Lessons – Ahh, cooking. You’d think that people who love eating would love cooking as well. But in reality, most just like having the food served up on the dining table (Although technically, I don’t really feel that way).  I wish I continued this though, it would’ve made my mum extremely happy to know that I could cook well. My mum loves to be in the kitchen. One day, if I have enough money, I’d buy everything my she could ever want for her dream kitchen.
  4. Playing Guitar – I actually stuck to playing guitar for a long time. I enjoy performing in school, and occasionally, to an audience (I still feel nervous though, if I mess up, the singer might look bad. And I really don’t want my mistake to reflect on others). One thing I feel sad about though is that I’ve sort of lost the drive to improve. Sure I can play, but you can always do better, be better. And unfortunately, I stopped at the level of being “just good enough”.
  5. Playing Ukulele – Believe it or not, this little instrument cost me more than my guitar. I really want to start playing it again, it’s such a happy little instrument (This, I can definitely work on, still).
  6. Art Lessons – Wow, okay. Let me just say that I am horrifyingly bad at drawing. I once got a line of 7 in art, and this was in grade school. :|  (In a more simple context, this is a bad grade for a subject that is an almost guaranteed easy A. It’s not a failing mark though, but still.) As a child, I took up art lessons, and well, I have yet to see a positive output. I wish I continued it though so maybe my drawing skills would be up to par with high school students.
  7. Any Sport, At All – As I mentioned in my previous blog post  (https://pandabeareyes.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/running-with-determination-cause-you-are-my-destination/)  , I am not athletic. Yet again, in the past, I have tried numerous sports. Dancing, swimming, badminton, just to name a few. I would’ve liked to experience being gratified by medals and recognition, but thats not all. There’s something very special about athletes. Most, if not all, are able to have a very balanced lifestyle. And best of all, they have been trained and disciplined in a way school just can’t. They’re determined, they endure.

    I would’ve included playing violin , but I think that’s quite unnecessary to add, seeing as I only had a couple of lessons, and in that time, I decided to sell the instrument.

    Right now, something I’m quite happy about is my work in regards to video editing. Sounds boring, maybe, but it’s actually quite fun. I often get the chance to direct them as well, which is exciting too (But extremely difficult). I love thinking of concepts for videos, it’s just thrilling really. For now, I just do fun videos for birthdays and school projects, but hey, maybe it’ll evolve into something else someday. But I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t let this skill go to waste, not this time. I’ve got a chance to make something really special with what I have, and I hope I can do well in this new endeavor of mine.

    Honestly, this is something I would really love to do for a living. I thought about it for a long time and decided that maybe I’d hone these 2 interests of mine and see where it can go. Something creative, and something corporate. Video editing, and law. They seem to lie on opposite realms, but it doesn’t matter. I wanna do what feels right, and doing this sure does. :)