A Wedding Video.

A few months back, my sister told one of my cousins that I make videos for various school projects and debuts. Upon hearing this, she asked me if I could maybe do an AVP for her mum who’s birthday would fall on August. I quickly agreed to this arrangement. Flash forward to a few weeks later when we were in a food tasting for my cousin’s wedding. The groom of the wedding, my aforementioned cousin’s older brother, was talking about who can make their wedding video. And in a brief but decisive moment, I was made their AVP videographer.

Just typing that made me so nervous. I’ve done two  birthday videos which were shown to a good number of people, but this is a wedding. I felt that the room for error could only be so much. The couple tells me that they don’t really mind if it’s just a basic video, but I really want it to be special. They deserve a great video on their wedding day, so I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that that happens.

I started by talking to the couple, asking of they had any special traditions or if they had a “thing”. Some couples watch the stars together, some play sports, so I wanted to know what they enjoyed doing. As soon as I asked them, they proceeded to laugh at me. “We don’t have a thing, we just like eating and being together”. I smiled at their answer. I guess some couples don’t have a thing, like they said, they just like being together. :) After a while, I realized that they didn’t really have anything specific in mind. After that, I just shot ideas at them, and if they liked it, I would write it down on my notebook. After that, the rest was up to me.

I started off with thinking of songs with good, happy beats. One thing I had a hard time with was connecting two songs together. Since I usually work with just one song for a video, I was pretty stumped. I ended up deciding I’d just fade them in and out and hope the transition was smooth on the ears. After some “sketching” on my notebook for various indoor and outdoor shooting, the plan was made.

On June 2, my cousin, his fiancé, and their mum joined me in Crowne Plaza to start shooting. And man, WAS IT HARD. A lot of the videos I like to shoot happen outdoors. And it just so happens, the weather decided to show its ugliness that day. A few minutes after we set up on the pool side of the hotel, it started to drizzle. What made me feel worse was the fact that professional videographers were there that day with all of their equipment and whatnot, and I was just there with my camera, tripod, and props. I felt so inadequate and unprepared. I felt embarrassed of the fact that we were both trying to achieve the same thing, and theirs would surely end up being a lot better. The gloomy weather matched my mood.

We decided to pack up and shoot some of the indoors scenes instead. What really uplifted my mood was the couple themselves. They seemed to be  so game with my ideas, and they tried their best at acting. :) They were unfazed by the bad weather, saying that it wasn’t that big of a deal. In the end, we made the most of what we had and shot a lot of footage that day. Unfortunately, we were forced to stop shooting numerous times. I do understand this precaution, though. I wasn’t part of any company that had any official permission to use the premises. We did however ask the events planner in advance if we could take some videos inside the hotel. But nevertheless, people in the hotel were pretty worried we’d cause ruckus. After reassuring the manager that we’d do our best to make it fast, we quickly shot the last few scenes needed for that day.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. Despite the challenges, I genuinely enjoyed shooting the video for my cousin. It taught me a lot about choosing locations and about alternative plans. Plus, they treated me to free lunch at Xin Tian Di, my favorite restaurant! ;D Other than that, I decided I’d take a couple of photos of them since they don’t have as much as I thought they did. Here are some of them. (Mind you, I am NOT a photographer, so these are really just some cute snapshots of them.) :)

Well, there you have it. Hope I can do well on the video! :)