College Life, Thus Far.

College, like anything in life, was not what I expected it to be. I’ve made a lot of accidental friends that I now find I cherish. It’s funny how I’ve met some of… Continue reading

A Wedding Video.

A few months back, my sister told one of my cousins that I make videos for various school projects and debuts. Upon hearing this, she asked me if I could maybe do an… Continue reading

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None.

I think a lot of people face this dilemma. You can do a little bit of everything, yet you can never be GREAT at anything. More often than not, we want to experience so… Continue reading

Running With Determination, ‘Cause You Are My Destination.

Yes, that is an actual photo of me running. I guess I should explain first. I’m not really what some may call “physically fit”. I do horribly at sports and can be described by… Continue reading

Semi-Charmed Kind Of Life.

I’m not really the type of person who owns a lot of jewelry. But a year ago, I discovered the joy of charm bracelets. Ahh, yes. The shining, shimmering things really caught my attention.… Continue reading

Good Morning, Sunshine.

    The second step I’m taking for My Happiness Project is TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING. Oh brother, so it begins. I’m not particularly a “morning person”, in fact, I think I’m quite… Continue reading

To My Anyway Friend.

“An Anyway Friend is the one person in your life who no matter what they say or do, no matter what they’ve been through with you, they love you anyway.” Recently, I’ve been… Continue reading

A Little Introduction.

I’ve always wanted to have a legitimate blog. To be honest, I’ve tried a few times, and failed. ;( Recently, I’ve finished reading a book called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubins, and found that… Continue reading